Rethinking the future of retail with new digital experiences

Deliver engaging shopping experiences to digital-savvy customers

Today’s digital-savvy consumers expect digital experiences from retailers—at a speed they choose, at a location they prefer, and at a time they want to shop.

Connect with Photon to build new capabilities, strengthen customer relationships, drive profitable growth, and a build competitive advantage. Redefine your digital retail shopping experiences with Photon’s best-in-class, retail trends.


Retailers have no choice but to adopt digital at the core of their business to gain an edge over the competition.

Digital retail experience

The proliferation of connected devices, increasing competition from digital competitors, constant pricing pressure, and waves of digital disruption are drastically changing retail shopping experiences. Customers are now looking for superior digital UX, faster delivery of products and a plethora of choices, all at an affordable price. The retailers that emerge successfully from the disruptive waves will be those that integrate a digital-first business strategy into both their physical stores and their operation models.

Photon’s extensive work with leading digitally transformed Fortune 500 retailers sets us apart from the competition. We help retailers digitize their business operations, simplify supply chain management, and leverage insightful data to deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences. 

Photon’s extensive retail experience covers these areas of focus.

Photon can help you reach your customers, anywhere, and on any device

Front-end digital experiences

Photon can help you reach your customers, anywhere, on any device, to provide a truly personalized digital experience by embracing adaptive responsive web design, mobile strategies, Internet-of-Things and Content-as-a-Service capabilities. 

Photon can help retailers enable an end-to-end secure API stack using cloud best practices. 

APIs, microservices & cloud migration

For a faster time to market, and to turn your business into a powerhouse of digital innovations, Photon helps enable an end-to-end secure API stack using cloud best practices. 

Photon can help you harness the power of AI and Machine Learning.

AI & machine learning

Photon can help you harness the power of AI and machine learning to create new, automated, and highly personalized customer experiences.

Digital personalization engines empower retailers to deliver more meaningful engagements

Big data personalization

Our digital personalization engines empower retailers to deliver more meaningful, relevant and personalized experiences that leverage a 360-degree customer view. 

The future of retail

Photon’s digital experiences help retailers digitize their business operations and simplify supply chain management to deliver hyper-personalized digital CX. With its proven track record of delivering digital transformation engagements with bleeding-edge digital experiences, Photon has successfully helped 40% of the Fortune 100 discover the right path to digital adoption. At Photon, we focus on “what’s next” to help our customers meet the fast-changing demands of tomorrow's digital world.

Connect with Photon to transform your retail business with the right digital strategies.

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The digital transformation framework
The digital transformation framework
The digital transformation framework

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“In today’s connected world, retailers continue to see increased shifts in consumer preferences, demands, and competitors’ capabilities. The need and pressure for digital personalization has reached a fever pitch.”

Mukund Balasubramanian


Mukund Balasubramanian