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Speed up your digital transformation by building mobile-first customer experiences and leveraging big data to win in your customer’s digital moments. Let us help you become a digitally transformed enterprise.

Photon creates mobile-first experiences for the Fortune 100

Mobile-first: From discovery to decision-making, mobiles are now the primary consumer touchpoints for businesses across the globe. As such, a mobile-first approach is required to achieve a consistent user experience to acquire and retain customers. We can help you in leveraging mobile apps to deliver best-in-class user experiences to your customers.

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Photon creates adaptive responsive web experiences for the Fortune 100

Professional services: A majority of today's in-store shoppers turn to their smartphone to look for product information, compare prices, or get help with shopping while at the store. Providing “smarter” digital content whether it’s through frictionless payment systems or engaging digital content to drive education or customer convenience in the store is not an option, but an imperative.

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Photon creates cloud first strategies for the Fortune 100

Cloud-first: Cloud has fast become a key differentiator for enterprise companies by digitizing the core legacy layer enabling companies to operate leaner with less on-prem hardware to support and transform legacy application to move at digital speeds on mobile platforms.

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Photon builds API & Microservices frameworks for the Fortune 100

APIs & microservices: To turn your business into a powerhouse of digital innovations with faster time-to-market, enable end-to-end secure API stack using decoupled omnichannel architecture.

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Photon uses Big Data to drive personalized experiences for the Fortune 100

Big Data & Analytics: To build brand love that competitors cannot beat, give your customers hyper-personalized shopping experiences by leveraging big data and advanced prescriptive analytics.

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Redefining the future of human-machine interactions with AI

AI-First: Today businesses are shifting to an AI-first strategy to transform the core of their business. Machine learning technologies are changing how companies engage consumers and how consumers interact with brands, empowering businesses to extract value out of data and automation. Harness the power of AI to create new, automated, and highly-personalized customer experiences.

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Embracing adaptive and responsive web design to win digital moments

Adaptive and Responsive Web Design: Responsive designs are good, but no longer sufficient in today’s multi-screen, multi-browser world. Reach your customers, anywhere, on any device, to provide a truly omnichannel experience by embracing adaptive responsive web design.

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 Driving the convergence of the physical and digital worlds with IoT

Internet of Things (IoT): IoT brings life to new technology solutions where products, processes and services communicate with each other and with people over the internet. Use IoT to gather information about customer behavior and then process all the information to develop new digital solutions.

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Redefining customer experiences with an effective design strategy

Creative Services: With the proliferation of digital channels, the attack surface is increasing. Making cyber-security critical to the hyper-connected information systems and devices that power an omnichannel business is critical to its success.

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Helping Clients to Relentlessly Pursue Tomorrow.

We create digital journeys and scale innovation through technologies like mobile-first customer experience, interactive design that captivates customer engagement, and a CX lab that harnesses the speed and power to drive new pilots and proof-of-concept work. At Photon, we believe that digital is the new core where systems of records have become systems of intelligence. We are the place where digital transformation embraces a mobile, AI and cloud-first approach to invent, develop and deliver disruptive digital innovations. Connect with us and accelerate your digital transformation journey.

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Photon Tech: 4,000+ digital engineers

Photon Tech: Leveraging emerging trends and technologies, Photon Tech augments your digital experience by creating the most innovative mobile and cloud-first solutions.

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Photon Interactive: A full-service creative agency

Photon Interactive: A full-service creative agency, Photon Interactive helps you to create the best customer experience by building innovative and data-driven UX/UI designs.

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Photon Labs: Our Innovation lab

Photon Labs: Our R&D group implements disruptive technologies by creating an innovation roadmap to deliver rapid prototypes of new technological innovations. Photon labs put innovation to work for you.

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