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Photon Interactive is a full-service creative agency

Craft meaningful experiences to drive superior CX.

Through an iterative process of observation, ideation, rapid prototyping, and testing, Photon’s creative services blends innovative digital technologies with human-centered design expertise to create meaningful experiences that people love to use. 

Connect with Photon, our full-service creative agency, to design 5-star rated apps and best-in-class digital experiences.


Photon helps Fortune 100 brands create best-in-class customer experiences by building innovative and data-driven UX/UI designs. 

Design thinking is about removing yourself from the brand, from the business, and putting yourself in the shoes of the customer, understanding their needs and frustrations. Owing to our rich experience in enabling seamless customer journeys, we are fully equipped to create new, innovative design solutions that cater to the ever-changing expectations of today’s digitally savvy consumers. 

Photon’s user-centric design thinking approach 

Design thinking is inherent to our UX/UI design methodology and a critical aspect of our creative discovery process. Our discovery process incorporates the following principles that work best when used iteratively and in combination with each other:  

  • Empathize: Understand the path of the customer
  • Analyze: Identify friction and pain points
  • Ideate: Brainstorm solutions and look for cross-industry inspiration
  • Prototype: Prioritize ideas and bring definition to the solution 

We follow a design methodology covering four primary steps

Photon explores unique digital lifestyle factors and behaviors to deliver meaningful CX.

Step 1 : Persona identification and development

Top level persona segmentation allows us to understand the needs of the entire user base. At Photon, we explore the unique digital lifestyle factors, mobile behaviors, content, and interface preferences to deliver meaningful CX.

Photon methodology helps define key tasks and build user narratives.

Step 2 : User journeys

Mastering the user’s digital lifestyle across the brand business requirements helps us get to narratives that demonstrate the key tasks and workstreams.

We leverage the power of user stories to promote creativity and generate seamless structures.

Step 3 : Information architecture

We leverage the power of user stories and translate insights gleaned through deep research and visual ideation techniques to promote creativity, solve problems, and generate seamless structures. Further, granular exploration leads to wireframe generation.

Photon incorporates optimization as part of their iteration design process.

Step 4 : Design iteration

Wireframe documentation is shared with stakeholders for review, and then passed to UI designers, as well as, front-end developers for rapid iteration. Data from testing of the creative allows for the optimization of the product as part of the iteration process.

Photon’s creative experiences incorporate UX design and development best practices into every step of the application development process. Our team of over 100 design thinkers and creatives worldwide help global brands craft meaningful, personalized experiences that seamlessly mesh the physical and digital interactions of people, processes, and things. 

Connect with Photon, our full-service creative agency, to design 5-star rated apps and best-in-class digital experiences.

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“A next-gen design process creates new moments of delight for customers who typically stay within the confines of the mobile experience. User-centric design thinking vs functionality roadmapping drives new modernized experiences in today’s digital era that exists beyond the transformation.” 

Jim Kim

Vice President, Executive Creative Director

Jim Kim