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Why read this guide?

The implementation of cloud has become an indispensable business strategy in today’s digital business landscape. Enterprises are leveraging a cloud-first strategy to enable agile application development, foster continual innovation, and gain flexibility in their operations to better meet business requirements, as well as customer demands.

The cloud’s benefits have moved beyond the primary function of hosting data and saving costs. In the present day, digitally driven enterprises are continually applying cloud technology in unprecedented ways—be it to power advanced big data analytics, reduce operational costs, easily support applications across the enterprise, or to enable AI-powered smart intelligence at scale.

This whitepaper discusses why migrating to the cloud and embracing a cloud-first approach are key to facilitating digital transformation of the enterprise. The guide explains the steps involved in completing a cloud migration project and how the Photon Cloud Architecture Program helps unleash the full potential of the cloud. We also present examples of Fortune 500 companies creating real business impact with a cloud-first strategy.

What you will learn

  • What is a cloud-first approach?
  • Why is cloud migration crucial for driving digital transformation?
  • How do I complete a cloud migration project successfully?
  • How does the Photon Cloud Architecture Program help maximize the benefits of cloud?
  • How do we help Fortune 500 enterprises implement a robust cloud strategy?

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“Robust cloud migration strategies allow for the disruption of business models, streamlining of operations, and innovation of services at a rapid pace. The cloud is key to transforming customer experiences and excelling as a fast-paced, digitally enabled enterprise.”

Mukund Balasubramanian


Mukund Balasubramanian