Photon uses digital to serve up end-to-end dining experiences

Serving up hyper-personalized guest experiences

Photon serves as restaurant companies’ innovation partner by combining ever-changing guest behavior with unique insights into existing and emerging digital technologies to provide mobile-first digital experiences.

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Today’s expectations for an end-to-end dining experience—whether it’s making reservations, rewarding guest loyalty, tracking locale differences, using touchscreen tablets, or ordering through a chatbot—has recast restaurants as fully digital operations.

In the digital age, it is critical that quick service and fast casual restaurants advance along with the changes in technologies. Leveraging new behavior norms created by digital devices or platforms is key to staying relevant and providing expected services. 

At Photon, we strongly believe that restaurants need to evolve as digitally transformed enterprises and adopt the latest digital technologies at the core of restaurant services in order to make an impact in enhancing brand loyalty. Photon leverages the power of bleeding-edge digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, mobile and cloud-first, APIs and micro-services, augmented realities, and machine learning intertwined with data to transform how restaurants operate to deliver great guest experiences. 

Photon can help you reach your customers, anywhere, and on any device.

Adaptive & responsive web designs

Photon can help you reach your customers, anywhere, on any device, to provide a truly omnichannel experience with adaptive responsive design.

Photon makes substantial investments in staying on the bleeding edge of new mobile & cloud technologies

Mobile applications & cloud capabilities

Photon has made substantial investments in staying on the bleeding edge of new mobile and cloud technologies to create new innovative guest experiences such as frictionless ordering, online reservations, seating notifications, and customized menus. 

Photon leverages AI and AR to make restaurant CX more seamless

Artificial intelligence & immersive CX

From machine learning to speech recognition, natural language processing to chatbots, biometrics to robotic process automation, Photon leverages AI capabilities and augmented realities to make restaurant user-interface and CX more seamless, easy and immersive. 

Photon uses the power of guest behavior data to develop new digital solutions for the restaurants’ industry.

Big data personalization

Photon uses the power of guest behavior data to develop new digital solutions for the restaurants’ industry. With data-driven personalization capabilities, we empower restaurant to deliver more meaningful, relevant and personalized experiences that leverage a 360-degree customer view. 

We have partnered with leading Fortune 500 restaurants to transform their digital CX and help them meet guests’ changing expectations. We help transform system-wide operations and optimize platforms to be more nimble and cost-efficient. Connect with Photon and discover how future technology adoption can help you achieve business efficiencies, reduce operating overhead, attract guests, increase sales and create next-gen restaurant experiences.

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“To bring in and keep guests, restaurants need to make digital an intertwined part of services and the brand experience, not a separate layer. When executed well, the benefits improve many facets of a restaurant business—sales growth, guest acquisition and loyalty, operational efficiencies and even competitive advantage—to maintain a leadership position both in the consumer’s eyes and in the industry.”

Annah Lansdown

Creative Director at Photon

Annah Lansdown