Unlocking the potential of the SAP HANA database platform

Leverage the power of SAP HANA Business Suite

Discover how Photon leverages the power of SAP HANA Business Suite to deliver improved business value across end-to-end processes.

About the whitepaper

In this whitepaper we explore beneficial insights into Photon’s SAP Best Practices on companies migrating to SAP HANA Database Platform. It includes:

  • Business Challenges: changes in managing data transactions and other processes
  • Business Innovation: the transformation presented by the SAP HANA landscape
  • Innovation in Detail: the steps to quantify the critical value of SAP HANA
  • Business Benefits: the compelling advantages of SAP’s Business Suite
  • Product Details: the service model and other specific aspects of SAP HANA

"Photon has extensive experience and a longstanding partnership with SAP, which provides us insights and expertise into this cutting-edge platform and how it can help enterprises get the most out of their data."

Muhamad Daud

EVP, Engineering at PHOTON

Muhamad Daud

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