Unlocking the cloud computing’s benefits with Photon cloud architecture

Integrate cloud strategies to scale and optimize your business

At Photon, we help Fortune 500 companies become digitally transformed by leveraging a Cloud-first approach to increase organizational speed, unleash new capabilities and create richer, scalable customer engagement.

Connect with Photon to leverage the power of cloud technologies, move faster, reduce cost, and scale quickly while delivering highly unique customer experiences. 

Cloud migration drives digital business transformation

Traditional IT systems often make digital business transformation difficult. Enterprises aim to move slow systems into the cloud in order to make the legacy IT layer as nimble and agile as frontend digital channels, enabled through new cloud solutions, cloud-native technologies, and cloud services. This helps businesses move faster, save time and money, and ensuring the enterprise is capable of competing in this new digitally-paced market.

Our approach: Photon cloud architecture

Photon Cloud Architecture approach guides enterprises to create new infrastructure models and develop tools that originate and operate in the cloud. Increasingly agile, responsive and efficient, Photon ensures faster time to market, reduced complexity in IT frameworks, and lower upfront investments and operational cost. 

Key features of Photon Cloud Architecture Include

  • Networking topology for secure traffic: Specific subnets are designed to segregate DMZ and private networks; Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) strategy with fiber
  • Identity and access management: Identity as a Service (IDaaS) providers come to the fore with well defined Mobile and Multi-Factor Authentication principles
  • Common container strategy: For seamless migration of code across clouds and avoiding lock-in with a single cloud vendor
  • Unified management and monitoring: Common tools for managing the entire environment
  • Design for scale: Design for autoscaling groups as well as scalable storage infrastructure
  • Adoption of new capabilities: Easy upgrades as and when they are released

Thinking cloud-first is the way forward towards a faster, more streamlined, and the connected digital world. Being in a cloud environment gives your business the scalability it needs to run “digitally.” Organizations seeking to move applications into the cloud have four options otherwise known as “4 Rs of Cloud Migration”


Deploy applications to a different hardware environment without making changes to its architecture can provide a fast and reliable cloud migration solution.


Re-imagine how the application is architecture and developed using cloud-native features.


Revisit and prioritize applications that were recently upgraded. This step is required to stay current and take full benefit of advancements in cloud technologies.


Get rid of the cloud applications that are no longer useful and can be turned off to help boost your business.

To meet ever-evolving customer needs and stay relevant in a highly competitive market, enterprises must build a digital roadmap with a robust Cloud strategy.  

Photon adopts a consultative approach, enabling enterprises to make a smooth transition to the cloud. Photon Cloud Architecture leverages the right combination of digital technologies, processes and rich experience in delivering transformation programs, ensuring reliable and lower cost migration.

Connect with Photon to leverage the power of cloud technologies, move faster, reduce cost, and scale quickly while delivering highly unique customer experiences. 

“Robust cloud migration strategies allow for the disruption of business models, streamlining of operations, and innovation of services at a rapid pace. They are the key to transforming customer experiences and excelling as a fast-paced digitally enabled enterprise.”

Leif Larsen

SVP of Solution Management

Leif Larsen - SVP of Solution Management

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