Optimizing the retail supply chain with digital technologies

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Our retail digital supply chain infographic provides an overview of how supply chains have evolved over the years and how digital technologies can help retailers meet supply chain fulfillment and digital experience needs in the Third Digital Wave we call Digital HyperExpansion™.

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As we rapidly move towards "digital-living" in the third wave of digital, known as Digital HyperExpansion, the supply chain ecosystem continues to evolve with the integration of cutting-edge digital technologies.

The global pandemic, lockdowns, and the fear of contracting the virus led to decreased consumer traffic in stores, pushing retailers to integrate online and physical channels. Retailers re-examined their supply chain processes to enable an operating model that supports the shift to online shopping behavior.

The measures include optimizing store operations with efficient digital interfaces, enhancing order entry systems with multiple form factors, and providing a singular inventory view for enhanced fulfillment, among others.

The infographic below presents an overview of digital technologies revolutionizing the supply chain in retail and highlights key data statistics that shows the impact of digital technologies for efficient fulfilment, faster delivery, and better store inventory management.


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An Overview of Digital HyperExpansion (DHX)
An Overview of Digital HyperExpansion (DHX)
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