How digital transformation is redefining the CPG industry

Accelerate digital innovation in your CPG business

Learn how digital revolution redefines the way consumers interact within the CPG space.

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Digital has emerged as a driving force behind what is possible, connecting enterprises with a new generation of customers like never before. According to Gartner, 50% of CEOs expect their industry will undergo a substantial transformation or be unrecognizable by 2020. This makes digital transformation imperative for all businesses, whether Automotive, Logistics, CPG, Finserv, Retail, Travel & Hospitality or Healthcare.

The new future of customer interactions is already upon us and leading enterprises are embracing the latest digital technologies, such as IoT, AI Foundation, Mobile First, Cloud Migration, AR and VR, embedded with rich data to deliver new digital experiences. This has never been felt more than in the CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry as this market experiences a major transition to the next generation of digital customers that expect new hyper-personalized experiences delivered through omnichannel retailing. The key to creating a digitally-transformed CPG industry is integrating digital at the core of its business models—from manufacturing to in-store experiences—in order to ideate new and redefined business models including new products and services.

Our infographic shows how CPG companies use new tech to stay competitive in the digital age.


Connect with Photon to discover more about the potential value your company could gain from digitization.

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