Photon digital vision 2018

Integrate digital at the core of business

The digital revolution ahead is about empowering new ways of human + machine interactions and delivering compelling personalized experiences to meet and satisfy ever changing customer experiences.



Key insights revealed in Photon’s digital vision 2018 include

  • Digital Transformation is not an option, it is inevitable
  • Integrating digital at the core of business is a prerequisite to becoming digitally transformed
  • A digitally transformed enterprise is Mobile-First, Cloud-First & AI-First
  • Digital supports businesses to define and execute new construct of capabilities
  • The Digital core turns systems of records into systems of intelligence - to help enable market disruption
  • Every process that can be automated should be automated

We urge leaders from every industry and across the world to read our Photon Digital Vision 2018 and consider the message - integrate digital at the core of your business. Download this report to bring latest digital strategies to the core of your digital business transformation journey.

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Delivering new standards of digital experiences become a prerequisite to powering your digital transformation journey.

Mukund Balasubramanian


Mukund Balasubramanian