Corporate Social Responsibility has been described as “the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large”.

Why is it important? Companies increasingly care about the communities and the world we live in and involve themselves in activities which help the lesser privileged sections of society. At Photon, we believe the most effective social and “giving” investments are channeled through our relationships with our communities.

Monthly Employee CSR initiatives for Community and Environment






Our Philosophy & Scope


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  • Governance & Ethics:
  • Photon is committed to ethical and lawful business conduct in all countries in which it operates. We believe that an integrated approach to governance, ethics, risk and compliance strengthens our values and promotes our objectives as a responsible business. All business dealings are carried out with transparency and integrity. We encourage our employees to uphold our principles, values and ethics policy. We provide guidelines to explain what is expected of every person who works for Photon, irrespective of where we do business.
  • Photon’s practice of responsible corporate behavior includes:
    • 1. Compliance with all laws and regulations.
    • 2. Zero tolerance for corrupt or illegal practices.
    • 3. An anti-bribery and corruption policy which states that bribes and other illicit payments may not be paid or accepted.
    • 4. Maintaining the confidentiality of clients’ information.
    • 5. Not participating in any conduct that constitutes anti-competitive behavior Not permitting directors or employees to engage in business on behalf of Photon with organizations in which they have a material interest, without full disclosure.
    • 6. A policy which specifies the acceptance of business gifts and hospitality.
  • Sanjiv Lochan, Photon’s Chief Business Officer (COO), leads our CSR efforts through our CSR Committee. This team helps to develop our CSR strategy by managing our reporting, engaging with external stakeholders, feeding their insights back into the business, and helping business units prioritize CSR issues. The commitee acts as a catalyst for improvements by collaborating with others throughout the business to design programs that create long-term, sustainable benefits for our business and society. CSR execution team and relevant functions—such as HR, engineering, and ethics and Compliance—embed our CSR efforts into our business activities, set goals, implement plans, and measure performance.


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  • Our People:
  • Photon empowers employees with intrinsic, or self-induced, rewards by allowing them to make decisions on their own and see the success that follows. Employees associate their success with their own abilities, motivating them to continue to strive for higher levels of productivity in future tasks.
  • Managers promote organizational success by inviting employees to be innovative in their ideas, solutions, and decisions while at the same time giving them authority to see them through to implementation. Empowerment enables subordinates to work independently as they control their own jobs by using their own knowledge, skill sets, abilities, and decision-making skills to achieve personal and organizational success.
  • a.Inclusion, Diversity, and Collaboration
  • i.Recruitment Strategy
  • Effective recruitment strategies are a pivotal aspect of procuring and retaining high-quality talent to contribute to organization's success. The job market is becoming progressively more competitive and skill sets continue to grow more diverse. Given this environment, recruiters are required to be more selective in their candidate picks, since under-performing recruitment measures can have a long-term negative impact on an organization.
  • Among these effects are high training and development expenses necessary to counteract the prevalence of poor performance and high turnover rates, which reverberate into aspects of employment such as morale, productivity and the preservation of the desired corporate culture.
  • The recruitment process supplies the organization a pool of potential candidates from which thoughtful selection should be made to fill positions. Successful recruitment begins with proper predictive measures.
  • In this phase of the recruitment process, an organization develops plans to fill future job openings based on an exploration of future requirements. Steps are taken to measure available internal and external talent and the present and expected resources available to be expended in order to attract and retain talent.


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  • Society & Community:
  • 1.1 Reading Session - Community Engagement: Photonites participated in the reading session for partially blind students in Chennai; the event was done ahead of the upcoming exams for students. Students ranged from under graduates to doctorate courses and the participants were humbled by the experience and the thirst for learning that the students have and their drive to achieve great heights. The support given made a difference and helped these students prepare better for their exams.
  • 1.2 Rice Bucket Challenge – Donation: Photonites contributed generously to the “Rice Bucket Challenge” which was held at the Chennai Center. Their contributions went towards the purchase of 634 Kgs of rice which was donated to the Cancer Institute in Adyar to help to feed needy patients during a time in their lives when such support had a significant impact on their journey to wellness. 
  • 1.3 Blood Donation Drive by Our Employees in April: Photonites showed active participation in the Blood Donation Drive which was held at the Chennai office. The participation in this noble cause was of timely help in saving lives; the blood collected was used on the same day and has made a tremendous positive impact to the recipients and their families. A Blood Donation Camp was also organized on January 31st through a local Lions Club in Bangalore.
  • 1.4 Stationery donation in May & July to under privileged Children: Photonites participated actively in the “Back to School” Stationery Collection Drive aimed at making a child’s life at school and learning in the classroom a bit easier. Contributions went towards the purchase of 500 notebooks, 350 pens, 100 measuring scales which were distributed to the children at Christ Faith Home for children in Manapakkam, Anaikkum Karangal in Nanganallur and Udhavum Ullangal Illam in Adambakkam. A Stationary Donation Drive was also held in July in Bangalore to benefit children in the Elizabeth Integrated Charitable trust. Our Bangalore Center also visited an Orphanage Abhilashrayam in July 2017 and conducted recreational activities. Employees from the Bangalore Center to Visit to Home of Faith Orphanage for fun activities and planned to sponsor 1 day trip.
  • 1.5 Home for the Aged: Home for the Aged: Society Grocery Donations to Home for the Aged: In March 2017 our employees at our Bangalore Center made a donation of grocery items to the Sri Sai Old Age Home. Our “Joy of Giving “initiative involved employees donating basic necessities in September to Sri Sai Krupa Old Age Home Health & Safety Campaign: A campaign for health and safety awareness among Women and Children of the ITPL house keeping women employees was held in Bangalore in April 2017.


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  • Environment:
  • Photonites participated in the beach cleanup drive near Elliots beach in Chennai; the event was planned ahead of the Uroor festival and the Olive Ridley sea turtle nesting season. Geared up in gloves and masks, they participated with great enthusiasm and left the beach front with a facelift after the clean- up and ended up with a smile on their faces as well!
  • The CSR event took on a totally new avatar in June, the National Environment Month. Attention was drawn to our Earth with a Flash Mob much to the delight of the Photonites at the Chennai office who reveled in the action along with the message.
  • As part of our efforts to Save the Earth, Photonites also participated in the "Plant a Sapling" drive in which saplings were given away at our Chennai office to be planted in our colleagues’ residential neighborhoods. Awareness was created through slogans and posters urging our employees to “Heal the world, Make it a better place!” Our Bangalore Office also planted saplings in a school in a slum area in February.
  • Our Bangalore Center conducted a Campaign to Save our Environment in May 2017. A roadshow was held to create awareness on menace of pollution & save the environment through various measures. A mega Cleanathon was also organised in October to clean public places and to spread awareness on waste management & environment safety in Bangalore.