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At Photon, we work with the best whether a Silicon Valley VC backed Startup or a Fortune 100 CIO or CMO. We actively define the industry through our WORK, events, PRESSTwitter and other Social channels. Like an Analyst, we stay on top of all the latest trends and buzz from Augmented Reality to Near-Field Communications (NFC) and beyond.


Unfortunately talk is cheap. What matters is solving hard problems. So we know what works and can cut through the hype to provide the most strategic advantage with least risk. We have a strong point-of-view and we’re happy to share some of it with you below.

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The User Must Win

Photon is singularly focused on Cloud-to-Consumer User Experiences. Why is this work harder than the hardest Gorilla Glass? The finger on the glass to us...

Photon Framework: Photon Omni channel Platform ( formerly known as PHRESCO)

Introducing Photon Omnichannel Platform( formerly known as Phresco) by Photon. Photon Omnichannel Platform (POP) is a next-generation development framework of frameworks designed to work...

Cloud is What Endures

In a Sea of Change, the Cloud Endures

When all the technical buzzwords are put aside, what’s the key characteristic of cloud that’s of importance...

Control Your Cloud or Die

Who will lead the Fortune 100 in ten years? And who will die?

We’re in a period of high-stakes global economic transformation.Fortune 100 companies come and go–take...

Apple & The Value of Innovation

Why is Apple the most valuable company in the world?

It’s simple: Overall revenue has grown exponentially.

How did APPLE achieve this result? The chart above...

What's New @ Photon

We'll share the newest items with you here. We are proud of the WORK we do with our customers, and we will share customer case studies here. We are also enthusiastic to share our IDEAS about technology trends and the industry and any NEWS we're making.

Walgreens Walgreens, the largest US drug retail chain worked with Photon to develop the Webby Award winning prescription refill App. Customers refill prescriptions by scanning their pill bottles with their Smartphones.
Loreal L'Oreal, World's largest beauty and cosmetic company, partners with Photon to create high-quality web, tablet and mobile browsing experience through responsive UX design.
Home Shopping Network: Site Redesign Home Shopping Network, the multi-channel retail giant, chose Photon for its complete web, mobile and tablet makeover. These platforms brought mobile, social and gaming under one roof for the most complete shopping experience.
Horizon Blue Horizon Healthcare Services Inc, the New jersey based health care giant works with Photon for powering mobile applications, Intranet, Website and Kiosks.
CISCO Cisco, the networking pioneer, chose Photon to create an interactive app for New Meadowlands stadium.
Microsoft Photon is among the top three chosen partners of Microsoft for Windows mobile and web application development
Intel Intel Corporation, multinational semi conductor leader, entrusts Photon for Design consulting, Videos Production and web redesigns